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Upcoming Workshop Opportunities

No workshops currently scheduled.

Employment with Bards on Boats

    Prerequisites to employment with Bards on Boats:
  • Actors because who tells a better story?
  • Canal boat owners because who better to steer our boats, and share their sentiments about the lifestyle?

Pairs of actor/performers will lead each tour, so you can apply to attend the workshop in the company of a friend (who doesn’t necessarily have to be a boat owner/operator; that will come in time).

What is it about canal boat living that draws you to the lifestyle? Is it the unique community? Generating your own power and living off the grid? Exchanging insane tirades on the London Boaters Facebook page? Whatever your passion, Bards on Boats workshops will help you creatively develop your own approach to communicate what you’ve learned afloat, and deliver it in the context of a 3-hour outing.

Please submit resumes (or website links) to: Eric@BardsOnBoats.com